Keeping Your Cashflow Healthy This Christmas

Well, whadda ya know, it’s that time of year again—jingle bells, office parties, and a dash of financial chaos. If you run a business, you know the holiday season isn’t all sugarplums and fairies when it comes to cashflow. But fear not! We have some merry strategies up our sleeve to help you navigate the festive bank balance frenzy.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite topic: invoicing. Ah, the thrill of sending out invoices and the agony of waiting for payment. Just what everyone wants for Christmas! During this holly-jolly season, you must be proactive. Don’t be shy—send those invoices early. The sooner they’re out, the sooner the cash might shimmy down the chimney into your bank account. And hey, add a little holiday cheer to your reminders. A Santa emoji never hurt anyone, right?

Speaking of invoicing, let’s talk about payment terms. Now is not the time to be Mrs Claus, giving away free cookies willy-nilly. Consider shortening your usual net-30 to net-15, or dare we say, net-immediately-if-not-sooner because of the Christmas break? This is for new clients, by the way. Pissing off your long standing clients with a surprise shortening of payment terms might not be the kind of Christmas spirit they’d be happy to receive.

Next up, let’s talk holiday days. Holiday schedules are like a game of musical chairs—everyone’s schedule is wonky. Anticipate delays! People might be off skiing or sipping cocoa by the fireplace, so factor in extra time for payments. It’s like building a snowman—patience and the right conditions make it happen. Make sure you’ve made provisions in your cashflow for some late payments.

The holiday season isn’t just about giving gifts; it’s also about receiving…payments, that is! Offer early payment incentives. Tempt your clients with a little holiday magic—a discount if they pay before Santa’s sleigh lands. Who can resist a good deal during the most wonderful time of the year?

Of course we can’t write an article about cashflow without mentioning expenses. ‘Tis the season for unexpected costs to pop ‘round like your pesky in-laws. Keep an eye on your expenses like you’re watching for Santa on Christmas Eve. Review your spending and trim the excess. Do you really need that extra software subscription or that colossal pile of candy canes for the office?

Now, what about budgets? I know, it’s a word that can make anyone’s holiday spirit wilt faster than a neglected poinsettia, but bear with us. Adjust your budget for the holidays! Plan ahead for increased expenses and potential fluctuations in revenue. Pretend you’re Santa—make that list and check it twice (or thrice).

Cashflow forecasting is your guiding star during this snowy season—predict, predict, predict! Use your business crystal ball (or software, or spreadsheets, whichever you prefer) to foresee any cashflow gaps. Knowing when your money might be tight allows you to plan ahead and avoid a financial blizzard.

Last but certainly not least, remember to take care of yourself during this busy season. Managing cashflow can be as stressful as trying to untangle those twinkling holiday lights. Take a breather, enjoy the festivities, and recharge. Nothing in your business is life or death (we hope), and a well-rested mind is as valuable as a well-managed cashflow.

So there you have it—ways to dance through the financial festivities and keep your business cashflow healthy during this holly, jolly season. With a bit of strategy, a sprinkling of patience, and a whole lot of festive spirit, you’ll sleigh through the holidays with your cashflow merry and bright!

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