Our Services

Let us take your financial stresses away, forever.

Accounting, bookkeeping, advisory and everything in between, plus second-to-none support from your own dedicated team.

Who we help

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, but we’re especially fond of working with companies who have one or two particular pain points…

Crap accountant?

No, we’re not talking about ourselves; we’re not crap accountants, promise. 


Lots of our clients have come to us because their previous accountant wasn’t in tune with their plans or personality, and just didn’t seem to have enough time for them. Or maybe their accountant didn’t file their corporation tax return on time (we’re not pointing any fingers).


Just know that we’re here for you, we return your calls, keep you regularly updated about your finances, and actually care about you and your business.


Oh, and switching accountants is much easier than you think (we take care of it all).

Growing fast?

Growth can be scary, especially when it comes to money. Will you have the cash to hire so-and-so, or invest in that thingamajig, or buy that whatchamacallit? When you have a thousand and one tasks on your to-do list to ensure your growth stays on track, having someone in your corner to look after your finances is paramount.


Well, fear not, growing business – looking after your finances is kind of our thing. And we’re pretty darn good at it. Are we allowed to say the best? It’s a bit bold, but we sure think so.


We take care of everything from your day-to-day bookkeeping, advisory and investors’ reports to tax help, cashflow forecasting and everything in between.

Who we help

Our clients are a delightful conglomeration of SMEs from all sectors, from local cafés to multi-million pound retailers, but we’re particularly experienced working with the industries below.

Food, Drink & Hospitality

Local food producers, cafés, restaurants, pubs, Airbnb accommodation, hotels and everything in between – we know exactly what you need to keep your finances on track.

Online Influencers & Content Creators

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Twitter – whatever your platform, we’re here to keep online influencers’ finances on track, from wherever you find yourself on this big blue planet.

Childcare & Nurseries

Running a nursery or childcare service is time-heavy and complicated – especially when it comes to your bookkeeping and accounting. Let us take the stress away.

Retail & E-Commerce

Whether you run a high street boutique, a multi-location franchise, an affiliate website or an online store, we’re experts in retail and e-commerce accounting.

Creative Agencies, Artists & Designers

Calling all designers, creatives, PRs, interior designers, digital gurus and fine artists! The last thing you want to do is accounting – let us take care of your books for you.

Architects & Estate Agents

So many properties, so little time. We know you have more important things to do than waste precious hours on your books. That’s what we’re here for.

What we do

Advisory & FD Services

At Clic, we don't just chat with you at tax time. We'll be there holding your hand (figuratively, obvs), giving you monthly, quarterly and yearly advice, plus detailed management reports so you're always on top of your company's financial health. Having Clic is like having your own in-house accountant, without the staff headache.

Catch-Up Bookkeeping

Tidy desk, tidy mind – the same goes for your finances. If your bookkeeping has been ignored and the mess is keeping you up at night, we're here to sort it out for you. Whether you need a quick tidy up or years of retrospective bookkeeping, Clic can help.

Year-End Accounts / Corporation Tax

Tax time can be stressful, but it really doesn't have to be. Your dedicated accountant and bookkeeping team will not only take care of your monthly finances, they'll carry your business through until your corporation tax returns are done and dusted. We'll also take care of your payroll year-end, staff P60s, Gift Aid claims and more.

Expert Support

Although we're an online company, we're real people working at real desks in the UK, and we're here to help however we can. Your dedicated team is available by phone, email, online or video chat, or we can come meet you for a cuppa and a cookie. Have questions? We have answers.

Bookkeeping, VAT & Payroll

Don't you just love paperwork, data entry and filing? Rushing to get your VAT return filed on time? No? That's what we like to hear, because that's what Clic was born to do. Your bookkeeper will manage your day-to-day business chaos, from bank reconciliation to staff payroll, and help you stay organised (and sane).

Business Resources

We know how hard it can be to grow, let alone run, a business. That's why we've put together a Resources section including videos, free eBooks and articles that cover everything from entrepreneur interviews to financing your startup. We even cover those taboo topics no one wants to talk about, like when businesses fail, or the dreaded business owner burnout.


Is support included?

Is cake our favourite food? The answer is yes, yes, most definitely yes. Your accounting team will be here when you need them, and can be contacted by email, phone or online chat – no extra fees to worry about.

How does pricing work?

We try to keep things as simple and painless as possible – that goes for everything we do at Clic – so we charge a set monthly fee based on your turnover, transactions and extra services you need (such as payroll & pensions, self assessments, etc). One thing we wanted to change about the accounting industry is making sure our clients don’t get slapped with huge, unexpected invoices. See our Pricing page for our standard packages, or get in touch for a customised quote.

What kind of businesses does Clic work with?

We work with SMEs of all shapes and sizes, in lots of different sectors, from restaurants to architects to children’s nurseries. Whether your annual turnover is £20k or £20mil, we work with business of all sorts.

Do you prepare and submit corporation tax returns?

We sure do! All of our packages have the option to include year-end accounts, but if you can’t bear the thought of leaving your current accountant, we’d be more than happy to just do the bookkeeping part of your finances.

How do I get my paperwork to you?

Clic has partnered with Dext Prepare (formerly Receipt Bank) – the most fabulous, easy-to-use receipt reading app out there (in our humble opinion). When you come on board with Clic, you get a Dext account included in your package, and will use the mobile app, email forwarding or web upload to get all of your paperwork to us, then you can throw it away. Paper-free bliss!

My books are a complete and utter mess. Can you sort them out for me?

Of course we can. We’re happy to take on the challenge, no matter how messy your books might be. Whether you’ve never done bookkeeping before, or have left your books to fester for months (or years), get in touch and we’ll make a detailed plan to get them in tip-top shape.

I’m currently using Quickbooks. Can I continue using this accounting software, or do I have to use Xero?

You can continue using whatever cloud software you’re most happy with, although we might try to subconsciously influence you to move to Xero (because we genuinely think it’s the best thing since sliced bread). If you’re happy where you are, we’ll work with what you have. If you’re open to change, we’d recommend Xero all the way.

Do I have to sign a contract with Clic?

Contracts are so 2010. You aren’t required to stay with Clic for any set amount of time. It’s easy in, easy out. If you find Clic isn’t what you need, you can cancel anytime with one month’s notice. We won’t force you to stay (although we might bribe you with cake).

I’m worried about my business, what can I do to relieve some stress?

Crazy times call for crazy measures, but that doesn’t mean curling up in the corner with a bag of Doritos, a large bar of Dairy Milk and a whole bottle of Tanqueray. There are lots of other things you can do, here are some suggestions from the Clic team: • Meditate • Talk to someone • Go for a walk • Use a scream pillow • Organise your task list • Try deep breathing • Download Headspace on your phone, and use it • Try a new recipe • Watch comedy • If it’s to do with your business finances, ring us!

Three easy-peasy steps to less financial stress

1. Sign up with Clic

Your dedicated accountant and bookkeeping team will take care of everything, whether you're starting fresh or moving from an existing firm. We're experts using Xero, Quickbooks and many other leading online accounting systems, so you can stick with what you currently use, or we'll move you onto one of our recommended software packages.

2. Say goodbye to stress

Your bookkeeping and accounting team will stay on top of your books, so you don't have to. Use the Dext app to snap photos of your receipts and invoices, now throw the paper away. Grab a cup of coffee. Watch Netflix. Relax. Your team will do the rest securely on the cloud. We'll even liaise with HMRC on your behalf so it's one less headache for you.

3. Get tidy taxes & reports

Your financials will be kept in top-notch order, so you'll always know your business's health in real time. We also provide you with handy monthly reports, all in one place, and make sure the rest of your financial reports (VAT, payroll, end-of-year) are in one tidy, secure folder, so you'll always know where your business stands.

Partners & associates

Our services don’t stop at bookkeeping and accounting. We offer a smorgasbord of add-ons for our clients, so whether you need a new bank account, an online payment solution or wealth management, you get a complete finance solution with Clic.

Ready to get started?

Let us worry about your business finances from now on.

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