What can I expect when I sign up with Clic?

As soon as you decide you’re ready to come on board, you’ll get an email from our Onboarding Manager which will guide you through the process of getting you started. We’ll need:


• Signed engagement letter

• Direct debit sign up

• ID verification

• New Client Info (things like director information, VAT and payroll info, etc)

• Access to your accounting software (if you currently use any)


Details and instructions for everything we need above will be in your welcome email, and your Onboarding Manager will be there to help every step of the way.


Once we have everything we need from you, we’ll set you up on Dext (more info on that in the next column); sort out your accounting software, VAT and payroll if needed; get authorisation to act on your behalf from HMRC; request clearance from your previous accountant (if necessary) and schedule an official handover call with your accountant.


If your accounts are messy or out of date, now’s the time we play catch up. We’ll work on tidying everything up in the background, and you can start sending us all your receipts and invoices for us to keep track of for you.


For the first few months, you’ll get a weekly digest from your accountant that will keep you up-to-date with everything we’re doing, and will iron out any issues or questions you might have.


After about three months, things should be going swimmingly. You should be feeling a lot less stressed about your books and you’ll get regular reports to help keep you on top of your business’s financial health.

Is support included?

Is cake our favourite food? The answer is yes, yes, most definitely yes. Your accounting team will be here when you need them, and can be contacted by email, phone or online chat – no extra fees to worry about.

What do we mean by ‘expert support’?
You’ll have noticed that with the majority of our bookkeeping and accounting packages, we include ‘expert support’ as one of our services. When we say ‘expert support’, what exactly does that mean? It could mean anything really, so here’s a handy-dandy little guide so you know what to expect from us:

Expert support does include:

  • Services included in your regular monthly package (detailed on your original proposal and in your Engagement Letter)
  • Small day-to-day queries by email or scheduled call (calls under 15 minutes)

Examples of what ‘expert support’ covers:
• Can you let me know how much we spent with Supplier X last year please?
• Can you send employee Y a copy of their last three months’ payslips?
• We’ve received a letter from HMRC about XYZ – can you please help?

Expert support does not include:

  • Advisory calls over 15 minutes
  • Services not included in your regular monthly package
  • One-off services that take over 15 minutes (such as spreadsheet creation, research, etc)

Examples of what ‘expert support’ does not cover:
• Can you please do last year’s Self Assessment for my company’s two directors?
• I’d like customised reports each month, can you send me something bespoke?
• I need a cashflow forecast, can you help me set one up?

I’m currently using Quickbooks. Can I continue using this accounting software, or do I have to use Xero?

You can continue using whatever cloud software you’re most happy with, although we might try to subconsciously influence you to move to Xero (because we genuinely think it’s the best thing since sliced bread). If you’re happy where you are, we’ll work with what you have. If you’re open to change, we’d recommend Xero all the way.

I already have a Xero account, can I continue to use that?

Yep, you sure can. We suggest you transfer your Xero account to us so you’re not paying for it separately (we include your Xero subscription in your package).

How long will it take to get things up and running with Clic?

This is kind of one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions. It all depends on the complexity of your business, how up to date your accounting software is, and how quickly you and your current/previous accountant can get info to us.

As a rule of thumb, it usually takes about a week to collect the information we need, another week to get everything set up in the background and then anywhere from 1-4 weeks to get your accounting software completely up to date and correct.

As mentioned above, it usually takes about three months to get everything in perfect order where we’ve had time to get to know you and your business.

My books are a complete and utter mess. Can you sort them out for me?

Of course we can. We’re happy to take on the challenge, no matter how messy your books might be. Whether you’ve never done bookkeeping before, or have left your books to fester for months (or years), get in touch and we’ll make a detailed plan to get them in tip-top shape.

What kind of businesses does Clic work with?

We work with SMEs of all shapes and sizes, in lots of different sectors, from restaurants to architects to children’s nurseries. Whether your annual turnover is £20k or £20mil, we work with business of all sorts.

When can I start with Clic? Do I need to wait until my new financial year?

Nope, you can start with us anytime, as long as we have the capacity. And we make switching from another accountant easy, any time of the year.

How does pricing work?

We try to keep things as simple and painless as possible – that goes for everything we do at Clic – so we charge a set monthly fee based on your turnover, transactions and extra services you need (such as payroll & pensions, self assessments, etc). One thing we wanted to change about the accounting industry is making sure our clients don’t get slapped with huge, unexpected invoices. See our Pricing page for our standard packages, or get in touch for a customised quote.

How do I get my paperwork to you?

Clic has partnered with Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) – the most fabulous, easy-to-use receipt reading app out there (in our humble opinion). When you come on board with Clic, you get a Dext account included in your package, and will use the mobile app, email forwarding or web upload to get all of your paperwork to us, then you can throw it away. Paper-free bliss!

What if I already have a Dext / Receipt Bank account?

If you’re already using Dext, we can request that it’s transferred to us, which means you no longer have to keep paying for it yourself. If you decide to leave Clic in the future, we can then transfer it back to you. Your Onboarding Manager will help with all of this when you come on board with Clic.

What reports can I expect to get as a Clic client?

Most Clic clients (about 95% of them) are on monthly packages, which includes monthly management reports as standard. These reports will give you a snapshot of your financial health, as well as more detailed information and figures (including a full profit & loss report and balance sheet). Please see an example of the reports you can expect HERE.


If you need more insight and advice each month, we offer a Bespoke Business Report Pack, which includes in-depth detailed reports with bespoke commentary and analysis by our senior accountants. This service will help you monitor trends, pinpoint any anomalies and give you a deep understanding of your business’s finances on a regular basis, so you can more easily plan for the future. Please see an example of the premium report package HERE.

Can you file my year-end accounts?

We sure do! All of our packages have the option to include year-end accounts, but if you can’t bear the thought of leaving your current accountant, we’d be more than happy to just do the bookkeeping part of your finances.

What happens if I need additional work on top of the agreed monthly services? Will I get surprise invoices?

No surprise invoices here! We’ll never charge you for anything outside your normal subscription without agreeing a cost with you first. 

Do I have to sign a contract with Clic?

Contracts are so 2010. You aren’t required to stay with Clic for any set amount of time. It’s easy in, easy out. If you find Clic isn’t what you need, you can cancel anytime with one month’s notice. We won’t force you to stay (although we might bribe you with cake).

What if I want to change my package in the future?

We know how often things change in business – you may find yourself with significantly more employees than you expected to have, your turnover may go up or down or you may decide to register for VAT somewhere along the way. Our approach is incredibly flexible and we do regular reviews of your package to make sure you’re only paying for what you need, and you’re not paying for things you don’t.

I’m worried about my business, what can I do to relieve some stress?

Crazy times call for crazy measures, but that doesn’t mean curling up in the corner with a bag of Doritos, a large bar of Dairy Milk and a whole bottle of Tanqueray. There are lots of other things you can do, here are some suggestions from the Clic team: • Meditate • Talk to someone • Go for a walk • Use a scream pillow • Organise your task list • Try deep breathing • Download Headspace on your phone, and use it • Try a new recipe • Watch comedy • If it’s to do with your business finances, ring us!

Advisory – what does it mean?

“Advisory” is one of those broad terms that can mean different things to different people, so we set out the handy list below to clarify what’s included in our advisory packages, and what’s not.

  • Financial analysis, e.g. performance results
  • Bespoke financial reporting
  • Tax planning
  • Advice on tax treatment, e.g. I’m working with an overseas supplier
  • Finance operational queries and recommendations
  • Director Loan Account management
  • Optimal earnings/drawings planning
  • Accounting structure advice and recommendations
  • Effect of new tax law on associated companies
  • Treatment of investment 
  • Capital vs. P&L purchase advice
  • Capital expenditure advice
  • Treatment of employee benefits
  • Choosing the appropriate VAT scheme
  • Incorporations 
  • Business/Company structure
  • Investor proposals
  • Taking on your first employee
  • Financial software / tech stack recommendations and implementation
Not included:
  • FX (foreign exchange) management or advice
  • Financial planning eg. pensions and investments advice
  • HR related issues
  • Mortgage advice
  • Marketing or sales related queries
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Non financial software
  • Advice on financial products i.e. savings accounts
  • Marriage or relationship advice

Ready to get started?

Let us worry about your business finances from now on.

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