Who are we, anyways?

We're a team of tech-savvy, modern accountants, bookkeepers and business growth specialists who are here for one reason: to make life easier for you, the small business owners of the UK.

Who here thinks your average accountant needs to join the rest of us in the 21st century? That’s the driving force behind Clic – making sure we’re at the forefront of technology and client service; no old-school accountants here.

What we’re about

We’re not your average accountancy practice. No, really.

The Journey

Clic opened its virtual doors in 2016 with a humble team of two, a small handful of clients, a few (thousand) cups of coffee, and a smelly but oh-so-lovely office dog named Peggy (that’s her over there). Since our launch, we’ve matured into a full-grown accountancy firm with a close-knit team of experienced bookkeepers, accountants and business growth specialists helping clients from every corner of the UK.

The Concept

We know it’s cliché to say, ‘We’re not your average accountancy practice,’ but we promise, we’re not (just ask our clients). We’re a vibrant, tech-savvy firm that offers the whole business financial shebang in one tidy package: advisory, accounting, tax, bookkeeping, financial health reports, cashflow forecasting and everything in between. We step in as the entire financial department of your business, helping you reach your potential faster.

Meet the founders

Say hello to the Clic crew

Ready to get started?

Let us worry about your business finances from now on.

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