A quick search will show you that there’s a national day for everything; believe it or not, not only is today National Stationery Day (hence our smorgasbord of fabulous office-y things), it’s also National Lima Bean Respect Day. May 9th is National Lost Sock Memorial Day, July 29th is National Talk in a Lift Day and August 3rd is National Grab Some Nuts Day… Anyway, I digress. Just like people, stationery can be sensible, silly, weird, wonderful, colourful, funny, and beautiful. Unlike people, it’ll sit on your desk quietly and won’t talk back. Behold Clic’s pick of the bunch.

Labelling Fanatic’s Gift Box, £115


Love labelling? One of those really annoying people who is so organised that the rest of us roll our eyes at your constant sorting because we’re secretly jealous? Then welcome to nirvana: this box has got everything you could ever need to fulfil you labelling fantasies from fancy gift tags, vintage-style ribbons and, of course, labels in…wait for it…assorted hues of red, green and blue. You are welcome.

Cassette Business Card Case, £21.77


For those of use who remember mix tapes, whip out a bomb of nostalgia every time you share a business card with one of these super cool cassette card holders.

Pattern Ballpen, £3.10


So many pens, so little time. From candy cane stripes to Scandi trees, there’s a pen here for everyone. The pretty little rose number is one of our favourites.

Origami Star Garland Kit, £13.96


Yeah, yeah, we know origami isn’t strictly stationery, but how pretty are these stars? This kit has everything you need to make them including an equally gorgeous book of instructions and a cute keepsake box.

Graf Von Faber Castell Classic Pencil Pernambuco Wood

Stop drooling, stationery lovers. Most of us could only dream of owning a pencil such as this, but hey, we can dream, ok? Each beautifully made pencil is delicately balanced and expertly finished. Swoooooooon.

Teddy Bear Scissors, £24.05

Scissors in the guise of a little teddy bear with magnetic paws to hold your paper clips. Seriously. Stop.

Ça Va Whale Card, £3.25

Printed in hand-mixed colours on smooth ivory uncoated card, Cambridge Imprint cards are known for their joyful illustration and hand-lettered typography. Unfussy and cool.

Pocket Folio Gift Box, £115


Plain, lined and graph paper memo books, a timeless planner, small labels with blue borders and a patterned card receipt holder, all covered in little stars: any diary obsessive’s dream.

Peacock Feather Washi Tape, £2.50


What even is washi tape? Just head over to Pinterest and search for it, and your eyes will be opened to this glorious stationery product. Use it for all sorts of things – from simply wrapping gifts to creating custom wall calendars, the opportunities are endless.

Shinrin-Yoku Workbook, £5


Said to boost your mood, creativity and self-esteem, this workbook will (apparently) help you live a happier life. Shinrin-yoku – forest bathing – is the practice of appreciating nature mindfully to promote wellbeing within a busy life. If we’re ever allowed out again, I’m off to hug a tree.

Cork Cactus, £10


It seems that anything goes when it comes to stationery, and just like there’s a national day for everything, there’s a weird and wonderful bit of stationery for every situation, like this cork cactus for holding your important notes and photos.

T-Rex Highlighter, £7


I mean, a T-Rex wearing a backpack? I’d buy it no matter what function it served, but the fact that it’s a fabulous green highlighter to add to my stationery stash? Get in my basket.

Yes Studio ‘Monday Blink’ Power Planner, £14.95


A planner for people who like to plan when they’re going to plan their next plan, this insane notebook-cum-diary includes an hourly schedule, notes section, daily doodle, to-do lists and a secret pocket for sneaky stuff.

Set In Stone Stationery Set, £22.95


How posh is this stationery set? If you’re like us and sometimes have trouble acting like the adult that you’re supposed to be, this stationery set will add instant class to your workspace.

Ted Baker Urban Pastels Stationery Stack, £17.50


Don’t we all need a teeny set of drawers with fancy lookin’ pins and clips in each of its three teeny drawers? Yes. Yes we do.

Have a favourite stationery item or two? Leave a comment below, we’d love to check them out!

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