From quick snippets about challenger banks, to full-on conversations about diversity in small business, grow your knowledge with these videos from Clic.

Challenger Banks - are they right for your business?
What are Challenger Banks, and should you bank with them? Watch Clic's CDO, Katie, in her first ever video for Clic (outtakes included!), where she gives us a short run-down of some of the most popular challenger and app-based banks out there.

VAT Basics
VAT can be a minefield, so our lovely co-founder, Leanne, put this short video together to explain the basics: when you might need to register, why you'd want to, and info about exemptions and some other VAT stuff you may not have known. It's worth a watch if you're confused about VAT or need to register soon.

Should you start up with a business partner?
Thinking of starting a business? Go it alone, or start up together – which is right for you? Statistics show that having a business partner can drastically increase your chance of business success. Just make sure it's a human though, not a duck.

An interview with Sally of Simply Ice Cream
What does it take to launch and grow a food business? Clic’s CCO, Donna, spoke to Sally Newall at Simply Ice Cream all about starting and running a food business. Sally gives us the inside ‘scoop’ (harhar, see what we did there?) about running a food biz – the good, the bad and the ugly – plus some priceless advice for food startups in the UK.

An open conversation about diversity in small business
How do we, as business owners, make sure we're not part of the problem when it comes to diversity? This open conversation only scratches the surface of diversity in small business, but we hope it helps light a spark amongst even one more business owner to get them talking about diversity in their own business.

Did you know you can change your year-end date?
If your year-end date doesn't work for you, it's easy to change it. Why would you want to make the change? Check out this video for some of the most common reasons and why it might make sense for you to change yours.

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